Tanakh : Hebrew Bible Project

Tanakh Hebrew Bible Project is a Polyglot Online Bible that contains the Hebrew Bible and its ancient versions in parallel – Masoretic Text, Samaritan Pentateuch, Targum Onkelos, Samaritan Targum, Syriac Peshitta, Septuagint, Old Latin, and Latin Vulgate, and also the Greek versions of Aquila of Sinope, Theodotion, and Symmachus the Ebionite.

Tanakh : Hebrew Bible Project aims at producing:

  • A new critical text of the Hebrew Bible that is as close as possible to the original text.
  • A new English translation for the Hebrew Bible and its ancient versions (Septuagint, Peshitta, Targums, Vetus Latina, and Vulgate).
  • An exhaustive critical apparatus.
  • A textual commentary for every verse.
  • A PDF version of the Tanakh that will be made available for download.

Click to visit Tanakh.


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