Hebrew Verbs Occuring 500 – 5000 Times

The chief difficulty to overcome in the mastery of Hebrew language is the acquisition of a vocabulary. Out of the 7,000 vocables in the Hebrew language, about 1,000 occur over 25 times. The following are the list of verbs which occur most frequently in the Hebrew Bible.

(1) אָכַל (Eat)

(2) אָמַר (Say)

(3) בּוֹא (Go in)

(4) דָּבַר (Speak)

(5) הָיָה (Be)

(6) הָלַךְ (Walk)

(7) ידַָע (Know)

(8) יָלַד (Bring forth)

(9) יָצָא (Go out)

(1o) יָשַׁב (Sit, dwell)

(11) לָקַח (Take)

(12) מוּת (Die)

(13) נָשָׂא (Lift up)

(14) נָתַן (Give)

(15) עָבַר (Pass over)

(16) עָלָה (Go up)

(17) עָשָׂה (Do, make)

(18) צָוָה (Command)

(19) קֹום  (Rise, stand)

(20) קָרָא (Call, meet)

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