Remarks on Pronunciation

  • א is the “soft breathing” like the h in English hour.
  •  ה is the “rough breathing” like the h in English heat.
  • ח is pronounced like ch in the German Buch. ח represents two Arabic letters خ chà (pronounced as above) and ح hhà, a strong aspirate pronounced low down in the throat.
  • ט is a palatal t, the tip of the tounge is touching the palate instead of the teeth.
  • ע is pronounced by some the same as א, by others like ng in English sing.
    ע represents two Arabic letters ع ʿayn, which to European is very hard to pronounce, but which is something like the n in French bon, and غ ġayn, the corresponding flat sound to ch.
  • צ is pronounced like ts in English cats, or z in German Zorn.
    צ represents two Arabic letters, ص ṣād, a very strong palatal s, and ض ḍād, a strong palatal d.
  • ק is pronounced lower down in the throat than כּ.
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